Going Ethereal?

May 9, 2019 | Events, General

We be jammin’ in NYC for this year’s Ethereal summit.

As you know, it’s one of the biggest events in the space, some even touting it as the “SXSW of blockchain”. Prominent figures in crypto are going to be there, including Ethereum co-founder and founder of Consensys, Joseph Lubin, Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Greek Capital, Ryan Selkis of Messari and many others.

A Comrade will hang around

The Coop is excited to hear about the latest news from Consensys, what’s coming ahead for them, and their restructuring plans. That’s one of the reasons why we’ll have a Comrade at the Summit — Zvezdin Besarabov!

Zvezdin has been one of the biggest contributors since the very initial conceptualization of the project. He’s leading the stellar team of developers working actively to deliver ScyNet’s first testnet. Currently, he’s focused on designing the sturdy and reliable blockchain protocol that would allow ScyNet’s decentralized ecosystem to thrive.

A busy weekend

Right after Ethereal, Zvezdin will be flying across the States to Phoenix, Arizona, for the fourth edition of The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair awards (Intel ISEF 2019).

There he’ll compete with his latest paper on “Distributed creation of Machine learning agents for Blockchain analysis”, essentially presenting the blockchain network protocol in the heart of ScyNet.

Zvezdin is not a stranger to the competition — last year he was one of the winners in Cybersecurity with his work on “Predicting Digital Asset Market Based on Blockchain Activity Data”. We’ll be crossing our fingers for a similar outcome!

Also at Ethereal? Come and say Hi

If you’re up for a chat about blockchain or the future of AI, don’t hesitate to say Hi! Meet you at Ethereal.