Telelink and ScyNet with a common initiative to share technological know-how

Jun 10, 2019 | Tech Update

Last week, Comrade developers met with Telelink C-level technical team to share know-how and discuss ScyNet use-cases.

The initiative comes as a part of our partnership with Telelink. In October 2018, ScyNet won 1st place at the CEE Block Startup Competition. Shortly after, Telelink expressed their belief in the Cooperative with an investment of 250 000 EUR in the shape of High-Risk Automated Debt (HRAD).

During our recent meeting, we examined some of the potential applications of ScyNet. Namely, Telelink could use ScyNet to optimize their internal processes by implementing a solution for predictive maintenance. However, there is a need for further in-depth analysis to identify possible joint initiatives.

We also agreed to conduct a small competition between the two sides. A Telelink human-designed algorithm and a ScyNet-made AI agent will both tackle the same problem and then compare performance. It’ll be curious to see if AI has become the king of designing AI, but one thing is certain — human engineers won’t surrender their perch without a fight!

The meeting will be followed by a series of workshops with the goal to exchange technological knowledge in Deep Learning and Zero-Knowledge Protocols.


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