ScyNet reaches national finals at the Central European Startup Awards

Sep 9, 2019 | General

ScyNet is one of the Bulgarian finalists at the Central European Startup Awards (CESA). The project competes in both the Blockchain and AI / Machine Learning categories. Wetonomy, which is another project of the Comrade Cooperative, has also reached the finals in the Blockchain group.

What is CESA?

Being part of the Global Startup Awards, CESA is a unique series of events that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit in ten countries from the Central and Eastern European regions. The overall process of the competition consists of four different phases, gradually sifting through the best of the best from national level up to the regional and global level.

Competitors are placed in various categories, separating startups by their relevant industries. ScyNet has reached the finals in two categories – Best Blockchain Startup and Best AI Startup.

If you need a quick refresher, ScyNet is an open-source platform that decentralizes the computing power required for Automated Machine Learning (AutoML). Built around an exciting breakthrough in Machine Learning, ScyNet has the potential to democratize AI by opening the access to powerful ML models. (something which unfortunately isn’t the case right now)

Why the blockchain? The platform utilizes a blockchain protocol to create an economic incentive for those willing to share computational resources for AI training.

Who are the competitors?

The Comrade Cooperative is proud to see its other major project contending in the blockchain category! Wetonomy is building the future of work with an open-source framework for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. It also provides a smart-contract based innovative model for a fair distribution of capital and labor in any organization.

Evedo is a blockchain platform for event organizers. Their goal is to create a decentralized marketplace where performers, organizers, and clients communicate directly without the need for middlemen.

Another contender in this category, ReCheck provides secure storage and management of files on the blockchain.

LogSentinel completes the list of the five blockchain finalists from Bulgaria. They also specialize in using blockchain to protect sensitive data, while also providing GDPR consultancy.

As for the Machine Learning category, ScyNet competes with two other national finalists. One is the above-mentioned LogSentinel and the other is Technology Valley, which concentrates on creating conversational AI for businesses.

Some other familiar projects across the finalists

Aeternity Ventures feature both in the Investor and the Accelerator categories. Their small, but dedicated team is already leaving a mark with investments in some of the brightest startups on the scene. We’re proud to note that ScyNet has been one of the first projects to be backed by Aeternity Ventures in the summer of 2018.

Congrats to Puzl for making it to the national finals in the coworking category for the third consecutive time – it’s well deserved! Being an awesome working space for developers, it’s also the place the Comrades spend most of their work time. So if you want to say hi to the team behind ScyNet and Wetonomy, you’re welcome to swing by!

Have your say – your vote matters!

The next phase of the competition relies on the public opinion, so it’s going to be up to you to tip the scales in favor of ScyNet, Wetonomy, or whichever startup you find the most inspiring. And if you are really divided, don’t let this stop you – it’s possible to vote for multiple projects!

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